A friendly warning about the Printer Pro's, aka thePrinterPros or PrinterPros

Recently doing some research to replace some office printers, we came across the Printer Pros. As they had the HP Hewlett Packard Color LaserJet 4600 4600DTN 4600N 4600DN Printers we had been looking for at a reasonable price we tried to do some research for reviews on them but found none.

This is why we are providing this page.

In summary, their website is likely out of date, their sales department will not return calls nor emails and their online chat system is usually left on with nobody home. If it's off, don't bother sending a message you won't hear back. We were unable to buy any printers from them in the end but considering our experience, this is probably a very good thing.

Mid March 2011 after days of trying, finally managed to contact them through online Chat and were promised a call-back regarding a quote from their sales department.

We never received a response via email nor phone.

Early April managed to contact them again via Chat, was quoted over chat and that a salesperson would be in contact to proceed.

We never received a response via email nor phone.

Early May we tried again for several days then managed to contact them on May 6, 2011 via chat. We recorded it this time:

Please wait for the next available representative…
Chris: Helloo? (you never know if someone is online)
You are next in queue. We will be with you in just a moment.
Sales: Hi - How may I assist you?
Chris: Can you ship to Canada via USPS? The brokerage UPS charges over the border for used equipment is very expensive.
Chris: interested in http://www.theprinterpros.com/HP-LaserJet-4600DTN-Printer-p/ypc-hp-4600dtn.htm
Sales: We do not ship through the USPS but let me double check for you...
Chris: thanks
Sales: I apologize but we only use UPS and FedEx but they would be an extra customs charge even with the USPS
Chris: It's just quite a bit cheaper for used equipment when through USPS. What is the best price you can give me on the above printer? Perhaps it will offset the costs somewhat.
Sales: Checking...
Sales: We can only drop that down to $359 because we already low on our price...
Chris: mmm. last week I was quoted $349 I expected it would be more of a discount now, not less. Are you sure?
Chris: April 26 to be exact.
Sales: Oh OK, we will match that
Sales: keep that for you
Chris: how about $339? and I will purchase today...
Sales: What is your full address and I will send you a quote with shipping - waiting for my main boss to come back for approval
Chris: Chris Orchard <ADDRESS INFO> Canada
Sales: OK, great, thanks. I will get that quote to you a bit later today. Thanks again
Chris: Also, your return process, if it is not as described, does not work, etc. Do you pay for the return shipping?
Sales: We try to work with Candadian customers by shipping a part but if the unit must be returned the customer pays for shipping back but these units are very solid
Chris: Last time someone was going to get back to me from there, I never heard back. Is there a name or quote number I should use if I don't hear back today as expected?
Sales: My name is Steve at Ext 132 - the quote number has not been generated yet though
Chris: Thanks Steve, I look forward to concluding this purchase today.
Chris: Cheers, Chris
Sales: You are very welcome

In not hearing anything back, on May 9, I tried calling their 1-800-836-0144 extension 132 but "the extension does not exist". I tried a second time, then the third time left a detailed message in their general sales voicemail box

I never heard back

May 10, contact Dave on online Chat. He apologised Steve was not in, took all my information again, confirmed my email address and insisted I would hear back from his supervisor with the order by end of day.

I never heard back

May 13, via online chat

Please wait for the next available representative…
Chris: Hello?
You are next in queue. We will be with you in just a moment.
Sales: Hi - How may I assist you?
Chris: Hi is Steve or Dave there?
Sales: Steve is at lunch - Dave will be back Monday...Can I assist you with anything?
Chris: I've been trying to buy a printer off you guys for a few weeks now and am getting the impression you don't want to sell them. <PROVIDED EMAIL ADDRESS>?
Sales: I apologize for that - let me look you up here...
Sales: My notes show that we no longer have the starter toners for that unit you were interested in and the shipping quote we have is $269 to your area in Canada which sounds quite high
Chris: you're kidding me? your webpage still says it comes with starter toner and you are advertising them individually on the right column too! http://www.theprinterpros.com/HP-LaserJet-4600DTN-Printer-p/ypc-hp-4600dtn.htm
Sales: We may locate a source for the starter toners but we do not know when - we will be updating our website with our webmaster - I apologize for that
Chris: well that was a colossal waste of time then. I should have taken the hint when no-one from sales honored promises to call me about one of your $1000 machines back in March. Please pass on to your supervisors I will be publicly warning others against wasting their time with "thepronterpros"
Sales: Yes - someone should have contacted you sooner - all I can do is apologize for that and the huge inconvenience this has caused you
Sales: Dave has had some personal issues to deal with but still - someone should have emailed you
Chris: It's not your fault I'm sure, but be sure to pass on my comments so those making the decisions can mitigate further occurrences and you may salvage your future client base.
Sales: Yes, I agree - I will definitely do that

So in summary given the length of my communications with this company it is not likely to be a unique occurrence and regardless of the price you may be getting, be prepared, if you receive a printer at all, that you will not likely get any support should the machine arrive damaged if at all.

Sincere Regards,

Chris Orchard